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Overnight stay in a Bedouin Camp

Includes transportation to the camp and back to Wadi Rum village + breakfast


We will pick you up in the village and take you to the camp located in the desert of Wadi Rum. There you can relax and have some sweet Bedouin tea or freely wander around and discover the campsite and its surroundings. On the day of departure we will take you back to the village (check out time is 7:30am - 9:00am) either to the bus for your next destination or we can arrange a taxi for you. If you have a rental car, there is a parking area at the village Rest House, where it can be left safely.

**Please see Tour 8 for our new offer to spend the night traditional style in our Bedouin cave!

Tour 1: Half Day Jeep Tour

The most popular attractions in Wadi Rum (2 - 3 hrs)


In case your time in Wadi Rum is limited, you can take this half day four wheel drive tour, which covers the most important spots in Wadi Rum. Some of the highlights of this tour can include Lawrence Spring, Jebel Khazali Canyon, Small Rock Bridge and the Umm Froth Bridge among other attractions.  This tour takes normally around 2-3 hours. The time varies depending on your pace and the time spent in each place. 

**Please see below for our new offer to combine your jeep tour with a camel tour!

Tour 2: Full Day Jeep Tour

Many of the most popular attractions and more sight seeing beyond the half day tour in Wadi Rum (5 - 6 hours) 


With this tour you will get the most out of your stay in Wadi Rum. The tour covers many of the sights in the half day tour of Wadi Rum. Additional sites can include the Lawrence House, Bordah Rock Bridge, Nabatean Inscriptions, Cow Rock, large red desert sand dunes and much more.  With this tour you will follow the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia and discover springs, sand dunes, canyons and rock arches. The duration is normally around 5-6 hours. The time varies depending on your pace and time spent in each place. A packed lunch is included with the tour.

**Please see below for our new offer to combine your jeep tour with a camel tour!

Add-Ons for Tour 1 & 2: Camel/ Jeep Tour Mix

Enhance your jeep tour by opting to enjoy an hour of the tour from the back of a camel!


Each of our jeep tours are able to be combined with an hour-long tour by camel. The camel tour segment of the jeep tour will be placed either at the beginning or the end of your jeep tour according to your preferences. The price of the Camel/ Jeep tour mix will be an additional 10 JD on top of your selected tour price. Alternatively, you can also choose to travel by camel back to the village following your stay at the camp. Please contact us directly  if you are interested in extending the allotted time for the Camel/ Jeep Tour Mix. 

Tour 3: Camel Tours

Enjoy the offerings of our classic Jeep tours atop an elegant Arabian camel!

Follow the itinerary programs of our half or full-day jeep tours as explained above or create a custom camel tour to fit your budget!