We are proud to report that the situation with COVID19 here in Jordan has been controlled and contained extremely successfully. A significant chunk of our economy relies on the tourism industry and as such, our government and King have been extremely proactive and strategic about protecting our citizens, economy and country from COVID19 and it’s ripple effects.

Thanks to the amazing work of our beloved King Abdullah II, Prime Minister Omar Razzaz, the ministry of tourism and numerous other regulatory bodies, flights into Jordanian airports will resume as of 8 September 2020.

At Wadi Rum Beduland Camp, we have been monitoring the situation closely and we have decided to move forward with our re-opening strategy according to the recommendations of the Jordanian government as well as the advice and safety recommendations of the WHO. Our main priority is to keep our staff and their families as well as our guests safe and healthy. We want our guests to be able to visit and feel comfortable that they are safe and able to relax while enjoying their vacation. To ensure the safety of our guests and staff, we will be observing the following precautions at Wadi Rum Beduland Camp:

Open Air Cave Camping – We have always offered open air cave camping as one of our most exciting overnight accommodation options. If you’ve ever wanted to experience the real Bedouin lifestyle, we would encourage you to choose this option! Open Air Cave Camping allows for you and your travel companions along with your guide to tour the desert and sleep under the stars as a closed group. Transmission of the virus is less likely in outdoor, open air settings and this way you are able to control how many people you come into contact with during your stay.

Physical Distancing – Luckily for us, Wadi Rum desert is a huge, open expanse with more than enough space for effective physical distancing. Both in our camp and in the surrounding area, there is more than enough room to maintain a safe physical distance of the recommended 6 feet (2 meters). Each of our tents have separate entrances and accommodate only you, your family and/ or travel companions. We do not have shared hallways or sleeping accommodations. Our main tent/ dining area is very large and can accommodate many guests while still having enough space to maintain physical distancing. Our bathroom block has several washroom stalls and showers so there is lots of room for everyone. There are also several sinks and we would like to encourage all guests to wash their hands before and after meals, as well as before and after returning from any day tours and excursions.

Handwashing – As stated above, there are several sinks with running water at the camp where you can wash your hands. Proper handwashing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds has been identified as the most effective way for individuals to avoid contracting COVID19. Please see here for proper handwashing techniques. We would like to encourage all of our guests to be diligent about washing their hands after using the washroom, before and after meals, before and after any day trips or excursions and upon your arrival to the camp. Although it is not as effective as soap and water, we would also like to encourage all of our guests to come prepared with alcohol based hand sanitizer for any instance when you may want to disinfect your hands and are away from the camp or a running water source. Our staff has also been trained on proper handwashing techniques and will be washing their hands with soap and water throughout the day.

Facemasks – We would like to encourage all of our guests to come prepared with a facemask or cloth face covering. One of the main modes of transmission of the virus has been identified as being through droplets when a person is speaking, coughing or sneezing. When physical distancing is not an option, we can help protect each other by covering our mouth and nose to cut down on the volume of droplets that we are emitting into the air when talking, laughing, coughing or sneezing. While wearing your facemask, avoid touching your face to adjust your mask.

If you are sick or are feeling unwell, we respectfully ask that you avoid coming to the camp and contact us to reschedule your stay. We are offering free cancellation to encourage guests to make the responsible decision. If you are feeling sick, stay at home.

Ultimately, we all have a responsibility to keep each other safe and healthy. We must work together to fight COVID19 and we would ask for your full consideration of our staff, their families and our other guests when you are planning your trip.

COVID 19 in Jordan – Quick Facts

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has announced that international flights into Jordan will resume as of 8 September 2020. Countries and regions have been categorized into green, yellow and red areas with each category having it’s own specific requirements for travel and entry into Jordan.

Country information and procedure of approval for flying into Jordan can be found at: www.visitjordan.gov.jo

For inquiries regarding entry to Jordan please visit the website or contact info@visitjordan.gov.jo

Coronavirus inquiry number: 111

Please find detailed information regarding COVID19 in Jordan on the Jordanian Ministry of Health’s website

More important details to be aware of when planning your trip:

Curfew hours: 11:00PM – 6:00AM

Transportation: Fully operational with 50% capacity for public transport

Mobility within regions and governorates: Permitted

Social Gatherings: Up to 20 people

Your Responsibilities while staying at our camp and as a visitor to Jordan:

  • Wash your hands
  • Cover your face
  • Socially distance
  • Be vigilant for symptoms
  • Stay home if you feel sick

If you have any questions or need any further information about the precautionary measures we are taking at Wadi Rum Beduland Camp, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Awdeh Salman


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